Missing Children Ghana
Why we do this
Knowledge Gap

It was observed that most parents/ guardians do not know what to do when a child goes missing. They do not know the existing organizations that can help in such moments as well as which services they can rely on.

Data Gap

When a child goes missing, it puts the family in dire situation. Being there for families when a loved one goes missing is another way, we offer assistance. We keep their hope alive as we work to help to reunite missing children with their families.

Leveraging on Public Support / Technology

Missing Children Ghana depends a lot on the social good of individuals across the country. Through the Missing Children Documentary Series, we leverage on public support in helping reunite missing children with their families. Through the public support most missing children have been found and reunited. This is a critical strategy in the campaign to ensure that children grow and live in families.


Since May 2021, The Missing Children Documentary Series have helped to reunite hundreds of missing children with their families. It has provided a platform of helping desperate families to report cases of Missing Children. As of April 2023, A number of five hundred and fifty (550) cases of Missing Children/ Persons have been reported to the Team. These families are assisted in diverse ways awaiting possible reunification with their missing ones.