Missing Children Ghana
What we do

Missing Children Ghana is the first Non- Profit and Public Benefit Organization that engages the Ghana Police Service and Department of Social Welfare when a person (especially a Child) goes missing in Ghana, for any reason whatsoever.

We do this by providing the following :
  • Emergency Response

  • When a child/ person goes missing, we offer emergency response services to assist families and loved ones to report the missing person straight away.

  • Working with Ghana Police Service / Department of Social Welfare/ Residential Homes for Children

  • We maintain a close working relationship with the Missing Persons Unit of the Ghana Police Service, Department of Social Welfare and Residential Homes for Children, in order to offer them the support they need to locate missing children and reunite them with their families.

Create Awareness

Through our Missing Children Documentary Series, Social media Networks and via other channels, we spread mass awareness about missing children / persons. This ensures that our communities can also assist in locating the missing person as well as their families.

Ongoing Support

When a child goes missing, it puts the family in dire situation. Being there for families when a loved one goes missing is another way, we offer assistance. We keep their hope alive as we work to help to reunite missing children with their families.

We are involved in

Prevention; Working to reduce the number of children who go missing through prevention strategies, education, work and early intervention in cases where children repeatedly go missing.

Provision; Providing missing children and their families with support and guidance by referring promptly and ensuring that missing children and their families understand how and where to access help and support.

Community Engagement; Embarking on Programmes to educate the public on a variety of missing children’s issues.

Reunification and Reintegration; Joining efforts and inter agency coordination to ensure reunification happens with the best interests of the child at heart.