Missing Children Ghana
Meet our founder/executive director

About our Founder, Regina Asamoah.

About our Founder, Regina Asamoah.For more than 13 years, Regina Asamoah has been a passionate advocate for women and child’s rights,inspired by her love for knowledge sharing, and the opportunity she has to apply her professional skills as a journalist to create social change.

Her gender activism and child protection initiatives and projects have always been devoted to help individuals - young and old - live their best lives within an enabling environment.

Regina’s professional experience provided her with first-hand knowledge and information about the challenges women and children go through, especially those from vulnerable backgrounds.

She believes that every child must enjoy his or her childhood years growing in families. This, she believes, can be achieved if systems are put in place to enable children enjoy their fundamental human rights, notwithstanding any disadvantaged background.

Regina’s commitment to see this happen ignites her passion to always embark on journalistic works that are impactful to the lives of individuals, family, community and the nation as a whole.

As a passionate architect of change, her career values and goals revolve around gender activism, child abuse, and violence prevention, child sexual exploitation, reunification of missing children, and child Protection in all settings.

For over a decade, she has been influential in developing, facilitating, and policy-making projects specifically related to gender activism and child protection as a journalist; hence, the birth of Missing Children Ghana (MCG).

MCG, founded and led by Regina Asamoah, happens to be the first ever non-profit public-benefit organization in Ghana through which hundreds of missing children have been reunited with their families.

Regina Asamoah is the 2019 Ghana Journalists Association (GJA) Best Female Journalist who, for the past thirteen years, has made the art of storytelling a lifestyle rather than a job.

She works as a Content Strategist and News Editor for Atinka TV and FM. As an editorial team leader, she plays an intrinsic part in determining content for news, besides driving her team for top quality reportage and ethical discipline.

She has written thesis and done publications on the area of women and child protection which have sparked national debate.

Her Documentary titled; ‘MISSING CHILDREN’ which was first premiered in May 2021 has helped reunite 185 missing children with their families and still counting. At the 2022 Ghana Young Achievers Awards, she received the topmost Award - Young Achiever and Activist of the Year, for her “Missing Children” Documentary Series. This Documentary was also awarded the Most Popular TV Programme by the First African Media Awards. Similarly, at the 2022 Humanitarian Awards Global, Regina Asamoah was honored for her Missing Children Documentaries.

Her Documentary; ‘DEFILED AND TRAUMATISED’ received Special Recognition from Plan International Ghana for Excellent Reporting on Girls’ Issues. After six years of legal battle, the girl who was featured in the Documentary - a defilement victim, finally got justice in August, 2021.

Another Documentary by Regina titled: ’THE AGED AND COVID-19’ led to proper targeting and care for older persons at the height of COVID-19 Pandemic in Ghana. This documentary received Special Award for Covid-19 Reporting at the 25th GJA Awards.

‘HOT OIL’, yet another documentary that highlighted the plight of a 9-yr-old boy who had suffered severe burns, afforded the victim an opportunity to undergo a complete surgery.

She has facilitated and moderated several high-level discussions. Key among them are the US Embassy Ghana “2021 Shifting the Blame Series: The Use of Ghanaian Language in Effective Reportage of Gender- Based Violence”, and the 2019 National Dialogue on Sexual Violence and Assault against Boys and Girls by Plan International Ghana and its implementing partners.

In 2021, the US Embassy Ghana selected her together with 14 others as “Champions of Ghana” to speak on Gender-Based Violence during the Observance of the Global 16 Days of Activism Against Gender- Based Violence.

Regina holds a Master’s Degree in Development Communication from the Ghana Institute of Journalism #NAME?

She is a Bloomberg Media Initiative Africa (BMIA) Fellow, and also holds a Bachelors’ Degree in Journalism.

She is a member of the Africa Missing Children Network (AMCN), Ghana Journalists Association (GJA), Association of Women in Media (ASWIM), Alliance for Women in Media Africa (AWMA) and the Greater Accra Regional Child Protection Committee.

She draws strength from one of Nelson Mandela’s quotes, “We can change the World and make it a better place. It is in your hands to make a difference”.