Missing Children Ghana

Missing Children Ghana (MCG) is the first Non- Profit and Public Benefit Organization in Ghana that assists the Ghana Police Service and Department of Social Welfare when a person (especially a Child) goes missing in Ghana, for any reason whatsoever.

Missing Children Ghana started as an Initiative by Multiple Award-Winning Ghanaian Journalist, Regina Asamoah.

Regina Asamoah has since May, 2021 reunited hundreds of Missing Children in Ghana through her Missing Children Documentary Series.

The initiative which started as a documentary has evolved into a full project not just investigating where Missing Children are kept awaiting reunification but also giving the platform for families whose children are missing to share details that can help in contract tracing.

MCG reaches out to enlist the help of professionals and organizations in the child protection sector and the public in the search of missing children.

MCG uses the various media platforms to share information to bring public awareness to cases of missing children and increase search efforts.

MCG provides affected families with knowledge and resources throughout the search and reunification while ensuring that all its services are free so that all families in need of help receive it, regardless of their financial situation.

MCG remains committed to the search as long as there are missing children.


We envision a safer environment where children can grow up devoid of abuse or any risk of getting lost in Ghana and beyond.


A society where children fully develop within families while enjoying their inalienable rights.


Missing Children Ghana seeks to offer desperate families services that help to find their missing children by providing hope of reuniting with their children soon.

Core Values